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Bone marrow aspiration site in infants tibia

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For bone marrow aspiration, cats and dogs generally require heavy sedation, although some cats may require general anesthesia. General anesthesia is required for bone marrow biopsy. The animal is positioned in lateral recumbency when using the trochanteric fossa or the greater tubercle, and in sternal recumbency when using the iliac crest. ***The sites for intraosseous infusion in infants and small children are the tibia, iliac crest, and femur.Access can be accomplished with a bone marrow aspiration needle or a 16- or 19-gauge butterfly needle. Tibial introduction is 1 to 3 cm distal to the tibial tuberosity; the needle is placed in a distal direction. Bone marrow aspiration is done on the patient under local analgesia. 1 to 2% Xylocaine is injected locally. Go deep to infiltrate the periosteum of the bone. A small 3 mm incision may be made to pierce the skin and subcutaneous tissue easily. An adult-size Jamshidi needle is needed. It is the 11-gauge x 4-inch length.

If general anesthesia is required for other procedures, bone marrow aspiration may be scheduled at the same time to minimize the stress on the animal. Most animals are tranquilized before bone marrow biopsy. Biopsy Sites. Active marrow is present in the flat bones (vertebrae, sternum, ribs, and pelvis) and proximal ends of the humerus and femur ...
Aspirate area containing purulent material or fluid by needle and syringe (applying small volume of nonbacteriostatic sterile saline is advised) Dispose the aspirated material into sterile screw top tube For anaerobic culture samples should be placed into oxygen free environment using anaerobic transport media.
Other possible sites include the front of the pelvic bone near the groin and the sternum at the front of the chest. However, the sternum is sampled only for aspiration and done in individuals older than 12 years of age. In infants (younger than 1 year of age), the tibia (shinbone) is sampled. IS A BONE MARROW EXAM NECESSARY?
Cell-based approaches to bone regeneration draw on recent advances to control osteoblast differentiation of stem cells or progenitor cells derived from a variety of tissues. Despite enthusiasm for ...
When the needle is placed in the proximal tibia, the insertion site is located by palpation on the flat anterior tibial surface 1 to 3 cm (two fingers breadth) distal to the tibial tuberosity ( Figure 15-3 ). This site is chosen to avoid the proximal growth plate. The midshaft should not be used because of increased risk for fracture.